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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mark's Remarks - HL 297 (2)

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Dear PCN (of over 2600 subscribers),

European Getaway:  Well,  PCN it’s Fall and it’s now time for a little travel.  We’re going to do a ‘Rhein’ river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam and we are looking forward to it.  I’ll give you a report about the non revving and the cruise experience when I get back.  Barb and I haven’t done a river cruise before. We’re going with relatives and few friends.  It should be a lot of fun so we’re looking forward to it.  This is what I had hoped retired life would be like. 


Fall activities:  I have a feeling that life will switch into high gear for the next few months.  This might sound familiar to you as well. Once we return from this European trip we will travel north to Michigan for a little hunting.  I do my hunting in the woods and Barb and her sisters do their hunting over a few days in malls.  It is her “famed” sister’s weekend.  Once we get back from that it will be all hands on deck for the tasks to get ready for Thanksgiving and the winter Christmas season.  Wheewwww, time can sure fly by when you’re not working to make money but rather working hard to spend it. 

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