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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mark's Remarks - HL296 (1)

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Dear PCN (of over 2600 subscribers),

As we move closer to football season and my favorite season…….the Fall, I hope you all had a great summer and wish you all the wonderful things that Fall can bring to you and your family. 


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Finance - HL296 (1)

Helpful miscellaneous articles regarding our retirement plan and planning.  Like you, I review my retirement nestegg and plan from time to time.  Recently, I went though some continued education for some credentials I maintain and it occurred to me that we all could use a review about these issues.  So with your help, we will share and post articles and info that may be helpful and of interest to many of you in this section.

Most of us have assets in at least one Traditional IRA.  Most us will have assets in a TIRA that will outlast us and in another words be inherited by our spouse or family.  Rules on inheriting an IRA are important to know to stretch the IRA for family benefit.  Here is a basic article from Forbes that may help. 

The ABCs Of “Inherited” IRAs

By Eric Vogt, Next Avenue Contributor
Intergenerational wealth transfers create opportunities and risks, especially for those inheriting a large sum of money. And with boomer heirs on the precipice of the largest wealth transfer in history — an estimated $30 trillion over the next few decades — understanding the finer points of an inherited IRA is more important than ever.
Because it is someone else’s retirement plan, an inherited IRA can come across as almost alien to those on the receiving end, and recipients often have many questions: What options do I have for taking distributions? What are the tax implications? How do I incorporate this inheritance into my existing financial plan?

Also on Forbes:
To make understanding the options a little simpler, below are some guidelines to consider when incorporating an inherited IRA into your financial plan. As you’ll see, it helps to distinguish between an IRA you inherit from your spouse and an IRA you inherit from a parent, sibling or someone else (where you’re determined to be a non-spouse inheritor).


Impact Partners BrandVoice

Suddenly Single: 4 Financial Pitfalls To Avoid In Divorce

Inheriting a Traditional IRA From Your Spouse
You can roll over this inherited IRA into an IRA you already have and the earnings will continue growing tax-deferred. You’ll pay income taxes on any distributions you take but, if you’re over age 59 ½, you won’t owe the 10% tax penalty for early withdrawals.
Rolling over an inherited IRA can be appealing, since you will gain control over the distributions. You just need to be sure the amount you withdraw is above the annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), the minimum amount you must withdraw from your IRA account each year once you have reached 70 ½.

It’s important to realize that taking inherited IRA distributions — especially a lump sum distribution — may bump you into a higher tax bracket, since the money will be counted as earned income for the year. Depending on your age, financial situation and immediate needs, however, a lump sum distribution can still make sense, since it will let you access the entire benefit right away. There is no 10% early withdrawal penalty for a lump sum distribution, but it will incur income taxes.
If you prefer to forego an immediate payout in favor of investing the inherited IRA, identify your investment goals and then incorporate your IRA allocation into your overall financial plan.

Inheriting a Traditional IRA From a Parent or Sibling
Here, too, you’ll pay income taxes on distributions from the inherited traditional IRA. You can’t, however, roll the inherited IRA into an existing IRA and you must begin withdrawing assets no later than December 31 of the year after the account holder passed away.
These distributions will be considered part of your annual income, and could bump you into a higher tax bracket. Conversely, if you don’t take the necessary distributions, you will incur a 50% tax penalty on the amount taken out below the RMD.

Inherited IRA Distribution Rules
Beneficiaries of inherited IRAs can choose to take distributions as an RMD over the course of their lifetime (what’s known as the life expectancy method), over a five-year period or as a lump sum.
The life expectancy option means a RMD will be set each year by the IRS, which must be made each year to avoid paying the 50% penalty on the amount taken below the RMD.
The five-year option gives you the ability to withdraw the funds throughout the five years, there are no RMDs and there is no early withdrawal penalty. After five years, any remaining funds in the account will need to be withdrawn.
The lump sum distribution results in a full payout of the account, paid out immediately after inheriting an IRA. You won’t incur a 10% early withdrawal penalty, but you will owe income taxes.
For most situations, the life expectancy option will be the most beneficial distribution method, since the funds remaining in the IRA will provide a lifetime of tax-free growth, prior to distribution.

The Rules for Inherited Roth IRAs
A Roth IRA is a retirement account funded with post-tax income that lets the account owner take distributions without paying income tax. When you inherit a Roth IRA, you also won’t pay income tax on your distributions, nor will the distributions count as taxable income when determining your tax bracket.
However, if you elect to take the life expectancy method, distributions that fall below the RMD will still be subject to the 50% penalty.

Mistakes People Make With Inherited IRAs
People typically make two mistakes when inheriting IRAs: They either forget to take the RMDs, or, with traditional IRAs, they take a lump sum distribution in a high-income year.
The first mistake results in a 50% penalty on the amount taken below the RMD. The second may cause the entire distribution amount to be taxed at a higher rate than necessary.
For individuals inheriting an IRA, understanding your options as well as the requirements and potential liabilities of those options is essential to making an informed election and to maximizing your potential benefits.

 (As with any of these informative articles, anyone who needs someone to talk to about
this very subject contact me and I can direct you to a knowledgeable advisor).

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Insurance - HL296 (1)

Date: 8/2/2018 10:01:06 AM
To: marksztanyo@
Subject: News for You, from your ITDR Trust Board August 2018 Newsletter

Inside This Issue:
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ITDR Road Show Update
Thanks to all who have attended the Trust's Road Shows in past years. The feedback we've received is that they have been great events for our Atlanta-area Members to see old friends and get updates about their Trust Plan Benefits. We value the camaraderie, and appreciate that feedback as we look toward ways to continue to grow Trust Plan Membership.
We are making a change and suspending the Road Show for this fall. Instead, resources will be used to support other opportunities in various locations focused on increasing our visibility within the Delta community, and increasing the number of new retirees that choose to join the Trust when they become eligible.
The remainder of our enrollment schedule this fall will remain as in years past. Look for our postcard in September with a heads up about the mailing of annual enrollment kits and other benefits updates

Inside This Issue:
ITDR Road Show Update
New Shingles Vaccination - What you Need to Know About Shingrix
Balance - Key to Physical Health and Independence
Saving Money on Your Drugs

Bonus Content:

Stay Tuned for More Benefit Plan Updates This Fall
In October, the Trust will provide an online presentation and resources for all current and prospective Members to learn about 2019 benefits plan updates that will be covered in your annual enrollment materials.
As always, Health Advocate and the Retiree Service Center will be available to answer any questions you have about your benefit plans.

This email was sent by: ITDR Service Center
P.O. Box 14464 Des Moines, IA 50306-3464

9. Financial condition of the D&S Plan—a plan that pays benefits to eligible survivors of deceased pilots

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Pension - HL296 (1)

Recent email communication from DP3 Chrm updating the legal fight.  Please check your inbox. 

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