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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mark's Remarks - HL 298 (3)

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Dear PCN (of over 2600 subscribers),

Trick or Treat: Well, not only are we  getting older but our whole community is as well.  It seems that we have less little trickers every year. I put the monster mash music on but unfortunately we only had about 50 or so little ones come by.  Always fun to see ‘em but I long for the old days when our neighborhood had a lot of kids and Halloween was hopin.   I guess I shouldn’t complain too  much since 50 is probably a whole lot more than we will see when we end up in the “home.”  Ha ha. 

Bi-weekly:   The HighLife is the PCN’s newsletter and it is a “periodical.”  What does that mean?  Well, to me I try to produce the letter biweekly, but sometimes I just can’t keep that schedule.  This month is an example, however, if you think of the HighLife as a periodical then it will help with expectations.  It will come out when it comes out, and then no one will be disappointed.  Thanks for your understanding.

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Nov 6th:

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Finance - HL 298 (1)

Helpful miscellaneous articles regarding our retirement plan and planning.  Like you, I review my retirement nestegg and plan from time to time.  Recently, I went though some continued education for some credentials I maintain and it occurred to me that we all could use a review about these issues.  So with your help, we will share and post articles and info that may be helpful and of interest to many of you in this section.

Estate Planning: Your Need-To-Know

Personal Finance LearnVest is a simple plan for your money.
By The LearnVest Staff

Have children or elderly parents? What about savings or a home?
If you answered yes to any of these, here's another question for you: Do you have an estate plan in place?
While you may think that estate planning only applies to wealthy individuals with millions in assets who live on, well, estates ... think again.
Plain and simple, estate planning helps protect your family in the event that something bad happens to you. And, yet, 55% of Americans don’t even have a last will, leaving them vulnerable to costly court fees and legal battles.
But even though it’s predicated on incapacitation or death, estate planning doesn’t have to be morbid. In fact, it can actually be life-affirming, because the process will allow you to take a closer look at the people you most care about in life—and ensure their future happiness.
RELATED: The Facts and Myths of Life Insurance
We sat down with Kelly C. Gill, a partner at Friedler Law Group in Massachusetts, one of Super Lawyer’s best firms, to walk us through the most important questions you should think about now.


LearnVest: Wills, trusts, estate plans …. How do you determine what an individual needs?
Kelly C. Gill: The first thing I ask about is the family situation. Are you married? Do you have children? If so, how old are they? Family setup directs a whole portion of the estate-planning process.
The second part is to look at the level of assets to minimize the estate taxes that you’ll pay both federally and in your state. You may not have enough assets to be subject to estate taxes, but without looking at these pieces, we can’t do sound planning. Most states assess their own estate taxes, but some don’t, like Florida. That’s why it’s a great place to retire!
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What happens if someone doesn’t do proper estate planning?
You end up in probate court—which can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. The court takes a look at your will (if you have one), as well as any heirs or potential creditors, and then oversees the distribution of your assets and payments to creditors. (LearnVest Note: LegalZoom estimates that probate costs American families $2 billion a year—$1.5 billion of which goes to attorney’s fees.)
How can you avoid the probate process?
First off, if you can assign a beneficiary designation to certain assets—like a life insurance policy or a tax-deferred account—you can avoid probate. In the event of your death, the asset will go to the person who you named as the beneficiary. With other assets, like a home or a regular bank account, you can’t designate a beneficiary. If you have these listed in a last will, you’re on the right track—but a last will still has to go through the court.
One way to avoid probate altogether is to create a revocable trust, which lets you transfer ownership of all assets to a trust that lists exactly what happens if you become incapacitated or pass away. You avoid probate because it’s all contained within one document.
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What else is involved in setting up a trust?

The most important thing you need to remember is to actually transfer the ownership of your assets to the trust, so nothing is left out and sent to probate. It may seem weird to change the ownership of a bank account from your personal name to a trust, but the revocable trust uses your Social Security number as the tax ID—so it’s basically an extension of you. And it won’t change anything for income tax purposes.
What if I just want the entire estate to go to my spouse?
You can also avoid probate if everything is owned jointly between you and your spouse—as long as your assets don’t exceed the estate tax exemption. If you have more than the state or federal exemption, you’ll likely want to set up two revocable trusts—one for you, and one for your spouse—to help diminish estate taxes owed.
The reason? Each individual has an estate tax exemption limit. So if the state limit is $1 million, and you and your spouse have a combined $3 million, then $2 million would be assessed for taxes. But if you both had revocable trusts for half of the total estate, only $500,000 could be assessed for each of you.
Also important: If you're married and choose not to get a trust, make sure that you retitle your home, so it’s owned “tenants by the entirety.” This is only given to married couples, but it means that if a spouse dies, the home is automatically passed to the surviving spouse, avoiding probate. It also offers a level of creditor protection to the survivor that’s not offered by other types of property titles.
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How can I ensure that my children are properly protected?
If you leave your money outright to your kids in a will in Massachusetts, there’s a uniform transfer of assets once they turn 21. (Different states have different rules.) Of course, most people wouldn’t want a 21-year-old child to get all of their money in a lump sum. By setting up a trust, you can name a responsible trustee who will manage the funds and distribute your assets according to your wishes.
The trustee can also be the designated guardian (the person who looks after your kids on a day-to-day basis), but it doesn’t have to be this way. For instance, if you name your sister as a guardian, but she’s horrible with money, you can name your brother as the trustee. He can then manage the funds, and distribute them to your sister for the care of your children.
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If I create an estate plan when my kids are born, am I all set?
Not quite. It’s important to review your estate planning documents—especially if you have children—every three to five years to make sure you've designated the most appropriate people. For example, if your trustee moves across the country, you’re likely better off naming someone local.
Additionally, if a child has special needs, you’ll want to set up a supplemental needs trust to help provide for your kid once you’re gone. The trust will be written in a way that your child won’t lose any public benefits, such as special housing.
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What if my kids are already grown?
You can follow a different guideline, and review your estate plan every time there’s a major life event, such as the birth of a grandchild, the death of a parent or a divorce. You’ll want to revisit those documents because you may inherit assets that you’ll need to protect or you'll have to add or change names on your documents.
Additionally, if your children reach a certain age in adulthood, you may want to rethink the way you structured your trust to pay out your assets. If you'd written it so that your kids would receive one third of your estate at 25, another third at 30 and the final third at 35—and all of them are older than 28—you may decide that they’re responsible enough to receive the full sum at the time of your death.
Are any other people named in estate-planning documents?
It’s important to designate a health care proxy, as well as give someone durable power of attorney. A health care proxy will make medical decisions for you in the event that you can’t make decisions for yourself. When you give someone durable power of attorney, that person can carry out your financial obligations if you’re unable to do so.
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Any tips for finding the right estate attorney?
You’ll want to make sure that there’s a good personality fit. Remember that this is the person your spouse or family members will be dealing with once you’re gone, so it’s important that everyone gets along.
You also want to make sure that the lawyer you select specializes in estate planning, and doesn’t just occasionally write wills and health care proxies. The way the economic situation is now with regard to taxes, it makes sense to find someone with real experience who'll be able to best handle the process.
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LearnVest is a simple plan for your money. Read our helpful personal finance articles, use our budgeting tools and talk with one of our financial planners to help start making progress toward your financial goals. LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adv...

 (As with any of these informative articles, anyone who needs someone to talk to about

this very subject contact me and I can direct you to a knowledgeable advisor).

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Insurance - HL 298 (2)

I know you are being inundated by mailings with info about open enrollment.  But just in case you may not have made note of it:

We are in OPEN ENROLLMENT:  Of course if you are in plans that you like and want to stay, you need to do nothing.  But should you want to try a new plan than mark down these dates.

For 2019 coverage, open enrollment will run from October 15, 2018, to December 7, 2018. During the annual enrollment period (AEP) you can make changes to various aspects of your coverage. You can switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa.


As a courtesy to Cone Insurance here is there latest info email:

Dear Eligible Plan Participants in the Airline, Auto and Steel Trust,
The Boards of the Airline, Auto and Steel Trusts are pleased to announce the Insurance Options available to you and your family members in 2019! If you are currently a plan participant in one of the Trust plans today, you will be receiving a "Renewal Letter" from Benistar, the Plan Administrator within the next 2 weeks, describing your current benefits, the options you have to keep what you have or make changes to the plans, so be looking for the Renewal Letter.
The 2019 Open Enrollment period is October 15-December 31!
We encourage you to view the plans being offered for 2019 through your eligible Trust by going to our newly designed website and under the "Airline", "Steel" or "Auto" tab. Once you have gone to your respective Trust, you will select the tab "Medicare Plans and Rates",and you will see the 2019 Enrollment Brochure and the 2019 Plans and Rates. If you prefer, you can also click on the 2019 Enrollment Brochure Button to view the 2019 plans and benefits associated with each option being offered for 2019. We will continue to leave the 2018 Enrollment Brochure on the website as there are people enrolling in the plans for the remainder of the year and may want to view the current plans available for 2018.
As you are aware, Cone Retiree Healthcare Group sent out a survey in September in order to get your feedback regarding the current plans offered through the Trust today and ask you to grade your satisfaction with the plans, the providers, the Benistar Call Center Team and Cone Retiree Healthcare Group (CRHG). The results showed a large majority of plan participants responding to the survey, were happy with the service they have received over the past year from the Benistar Call Center Team and Cone Retiree Healthcare Group and most of the plans they had to choose from. One of the questions in the survey was regarding you opinion of the current HUMANA Medicare Advantage plan, and if you were happy with the HUMANA Plan or would you prefer to return to the Aetna Medcare Advantage Plan. The majority of people responding to the survey said they would prefer to return to the Aetna Medicare Advantage plans in 2019, and the Board of the Trust approved the return to the Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2019.
Returning to Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019!
The Board of the Trust met with Cone Retiree Healthcare Group to go over the Insurance options for the Medicare plans offered through the Trust for 2019 and approved the recommendations made by CRHG to continue to use the same healthcare providers in 2019, with the exception of offering the Medicare Advantage plan thorough HUMANA. Aetna, will once again provide the Medicare Advantage(MA) plans for the Trust in 2019! While you may find the monthly premium rates for the Aetna MA plans higher than you may have been paying through HUMANA, you will find your exposure to higher cost in the event you become ill, to be much more manageable, than the cost associated with he HUMANA plans. Aetna was also able to provide the Trust with 2 Plan options for 2019, a $20 Plan and a $25 Plan. The $20 Plan requires NO Charge for a hospital stay and the $25 Plan requires a 1 time cost of $250 per hospital stay. The Aetna plans are much like the plans we had prior to 2018 and we believe you will be happy with the plans going forward.
One important added benefit to the Medicare Advantage Plans for all 3 Trusts is the inclusion of Silver Sneakers to all the MA plans in 2019! The cost associated with the Silver Sneakers benefit will be paid by the Trust Board in 2019!
Plan Designs are on the mymedplans.com website NOW!
Please go to our website, www.mymedplans.com in order to view the complete plan designs, cost and summary of the benefits for each plan you have to choose from.
For More information, please call the Plan Administrator and Call Center, Benistar ( 1-800-236-4782) and they will go over the new plans and rates and email or mail you the forms to enroll if you are not already enrolled or wish to make changes to your current plans.
If you do not want to make any changes, you do not need to take any action, you will just be rolled over in the current plans you have in 2018 for 2019.
Thanks again for your patience,

Cone Retiree Healthcare Group
Cathy Cone on behalf of the Trust Plans

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Events - HL 298 (1)

Date: 10/26/2018 11:11:52 PM
Subject: 2018 Delta Golden Wings Christmas Party


2018 Delta Golden Wings Christmas Party

The party reservation is attached!

Due to restaurant considerations we are limiting the total number to 180 people!!

When:     Sunday, December 9th, 2018

Where:    Maggiano’s “Little Italy” Restaurant
                 Perimeter Mall
                4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road
                Atlanta, GA
Dress:     Most guys are wearing a coat and tie, but Business Casual works as well.

Time:      6:00pm Social hour-drinks and appetizers

Dinner:   7:00pm
                                ALL YOU CAN EAT – FAMILY STYLE


Appetizer: Mozzarella Marinara
Salads:  Caesar and Maggiano’s Salad
Pasta:  Four Cheese Ravioli with Pesto Alfredo Sauce and Mom’s Lasagna with         Marinara Sauce
Entrée:  Chicken Piccata
Desert:  New York Style Cheese Cake
          Rolls, Tea, Coffee, Sodas included

Cost:    $45/person

Cash Bar: We will have two cash bars.  NOTE – CASH only, NO Credit Cards.

Parking:    Free self- parking in front of Restaurant

Hotel:  Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, 111 Perimeter Ctr W, Atlanta (North edge of the Mall).  Free parking and 20% discount in restaurant.  Limited rooms!  Rate is available 3 days prior and after event.  Book now!  Deal ends November 21st.
 Cost: $119 per night plus tax.
Tel:   770-396-6800 (The desk)
           Group: Delta Golden Wings

Reservations:  www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/DeltaGoldenWing  (note the singular wing!)

History: This is the 10th year we have had a Delta Golden Wings Christmas party. This is the first year in a while we have had our party away from the Crowne Plaza which is under refurbishment. 

We look forward to renewing old Delta friendships! We hope to see you!

Jeff Pickett and Julian Black


Jeff Pickett and Karen Adams
Julian and Joan
Joe and Edi
Jim and Arlene
Rill and Joanne
Jim and Barbara
Paul and Milene
Jack and Evelyn
Stan and Sue
Sheila Leonard

Wayne and Gladys
John and Linda
Phil and Patricia
Todd and Monique and Son
Jay and Judy
Bill and Ellen
Doug and Jo Anne
John and Abigail
Rodney and Donna
Ron and Barbara
Helen and Catherine
Nikki DeYarman (Caregiver)

Jim and Arlene
Plato and Judy
Clint and Monty
Dave and Lynne
John and Jane
Joe and Gail
Sid and Kenney
Ben and Sue

Reservation for Dec 09, 2018 Delta Golden Wings Christmas Party
Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant
Perimeter Mall

Please Print and Mail with Check

First Name/Nickname ________________________________________

Last name__________________________________________________

Spouse Name________________________

Guest Name ____________________________

E-mail ___________________________________

Telephone Numbers _________________

Year of retirement (or Expected) __________

Aircraft at Retirement _____________________

Please send a check for $45 per person made out to:

Jeff Pickett
417 Clairemont Ave Unit 311
Decatur, GA 30030

C 404-791-4501

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Travel / Non Revving - HL 298 (1)

Note:  About layover hotels (New List as of April 2018) Lists are no longer accessable on the DeltaNet.  The page is password protected for our PCN group ONLY.  Please use the password of pcnpilot
To access the last listing of layover hotels click here:  http://pcn.homestead.com/Seniority.html

On our recent flight to Europe we were able to fly Delta One on a 330.  Well, it was a bunch better than a coach seat but probably the worst flat bed that Delta has.  On the way back we were able to fly on the new A350 that my son is now flys.  It is a real nice airplane that will serve Delta well.  Yeah, non revving is a pain sometimes, but on other times you get a sweet deal.  You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.  

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Good Read - HL 298 (1)

See David’s updated list below of our community’s authors.  Also check it out archived online on our PCN web site at:   http://pcn.homestead.com/Authors.html

Date: 10/18/2018 4:35:30 PM

"Christmas Shopping -- 2018"
Hello all,
When you're trying to decide what to buy for your favorite
"Captain" for Christmas, ask him to select two or three books from this great list of BOOKS BY DELTA PILOT AUTHORS below,
books that he would really like to read and have in his collection.  You can find these at
www.amazon.com or www.alibris.com, or preferably purchase them directly from the authors listed. 
You can have the author dedicate the book exactly as you wish when you buy it directly from them. 
You may want to forward this list to your children and grand-children too.

NOTE:  Books added this year will be displayed in BLUE INK font.

Merry Christmas Early everyone,

Dave Roberts

This is the 2018 VERSION of a growing list of Delta Pilot Authors and their published works, a list of Books About Delta Air Lines, Inc., and a list of Books by Delta Pilots' Family Members.  The newest books, those published in 2016 & later or those new to this list, have the copyright date in BOLD  RED FONT.

This list is a work in progress and your help is needed to add to these
76 published pilot authors and 17 family member authors. Please send me the names of other Delta Pilots, or their family members, who have authored and published books along with the titles of their books.

Many of you receiving this are serious readers, and we like to know about Delta pilots who have written books.  You, more than anyone else, should know of other Delta Pilot authors who should be listed here.

Amazon.com has biographical information on many of these authors with much more than we have room for here.  Fill your curiosity at  www.amazon.com.

Please send additions, and please make suggestions to improve this list. I will update it  annually.

Thanks, Dave



Anderson, John Aubrey (DL)  Abiding Darkness, The Black or White Chronicles, Book One (2006) Warner Faith   http://johnaubreyanderson.com/
Anderson, John Aubrey  Book Two Wedgewood Grey (2007)
Anderson, John Aubrey  Book Three And If I Die  (2007)
Anderson, John Aubrey  The Cool Woman (2010)

Barr, James C.  (DL) Airborne Weather Radar-A User's Guide  Iowa State University Press(1993)

Bauer, Jack & Janis (WAL)  Western Airlines, A Pictorial History of Western Airlines and Inflight  (1986)  216 pages. <jbnv24@gmail.com>

Bennett, Paul W. (C&S)  FLYING -- A Look Back  (1999), Hardback--stories about C&S and Delta.

Blizzard, Dick  (DL)  An Eruption of Decadence (2006),
Blizzard, Dick   A Way Yonder (2014}

Brantner, Robert M. (DL)  My Year as an Alaskan Bush Pilot (2003)

Bullock, Ramond H. (WAL)   Airline Piloting (Published by The World press, inc, 1947) 163 pages

Butcher, D. Allen  (DL)  Sixty Years in the  20th Century: A Pilots Memoir (2012)

Cassen, Elizabeth  (WAL) THE LAST VOICES:  World War II Veterans of the Air War Speak More Than Half a Century Later (2014) 

Cianci, Jim (DL)  Cooper's Airport Adventure  (2015)

Couch, Tony (DL)  "WATERCOLOR:  You Can Do It!" (1987) "How to" Watercolor instruction book
Couch, Tony   "Tony Couch's Keys to Successful Painting" (1992) Instruction book on design for painters

Cowee, Bruce T. editor  (WAL) -- Vietnam to Western Airlines:  An Oral History fo the Air War (2013) Over 30 pilots of the air war became Western pilots; these are their stories. 

Crum, John (DL) "Unfriendly Skies"  by Capt "X" and Reynolds Dodson (1989)

Diller, Richard  (DL)  Firefly, A Skyraider's Story of America's Secret War Over Laos (2013) 

Dunn, Mike  (?)  Sidewinder (1991)
Dunn, Mike  Task Force (1992)
Dunn, Mike  Quicksilver (1993)
Dunn, Mike  Bridge of No Return (1996)

Entrekin, Paul T.  (DL) Mighty Hands:  Victory over Adversity througth the Grace of God (2011)
Entrekin, Paul T. Mr. MiG:  and the Real Story of the First Migs in America (2012)

Fay, Gerald W.  (PNA/WAL)  From A-3 to A-10 (1988)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope (WAL)    (Over 150 Links for "Mallory Hope Ferrell"  at  http://www.google.com)
  • Rails Sagebrush & Pine (1967, 1968, 1970)
  • The 1871 Grant Locomotive (Limited Edition 1971)
  • Silver San Juan...The Rio Grande Southern (1973, 1975)
  • The Gilpin Gold Tram...Colorado's Unique Narrow Gauge (1970, 1992,1998)
  • Tweetsie Country (1979, 1991)   
  • Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge (1981)
  • West Side...Narrow Gauge in the Sierra (1979, 1992)
  • Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge (1982)
  • Utah & Northern (Colo.Rail Annual) (1981)
  • El Dorado Narrow Gauge (1990)
  • Argent...Last of the Swamp Rats ((1994)
  • Colorful East Broad Top (1993)
  • Virginia & Truckee...The Bonanza Road (1999
  • West Side Pictorial (2000)
  • The South Park Line (2003)
  • Slow Trains Down South, Vol. I (2005)
  • Slow Trains Down South, Vol.II (2006)
  • Norfolk & Western...Steam's Last Stand (2007)
  • Narrow Gauge Country (2006)
  • Nevada Central...Sagebrush Narrow Gauge (2010) 
  • Rails Around Lake Tahoe...Steam Trains and Steamboats of the Tahoe Region (2011)
  • Denver & Rio Grande...The Early Years  (a work in progress due in 2016)
Fix, Mitchell  (NW)  Blame it on Adam  (2006)

Gallimore, Max  (DL)  From Here to Caprock  (2009)

Gandt, Robert L.  (NAT/PAA/DL)  copied from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Gandt


  • Season of Storms: The Siege of Hong Hong 1941 (SCMP Press, 1981) ASIN BooooEDW4G
  • China Clipper: The Age of the Great Flying Boats (Naval Institute Press, 1991/2010) ISBN 978-0870212093
  • Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am (Wm. Morrow, 1995/2012) ISBN 978-1888962116
  • Bogeys and Bandits: The Making of a Fighter Pilot (Viking, 1997) ISBN 978-0670867219
  • Fly Low, Fly Fast: Inside the Reno Air Races (Viking, 1999) ISBN 978-0670884513
  • Intrepid: The Epic Story of America's Most Legendary Warship (Broadway/Random House, 2008) ISBN 978-0767929981
  • The Twilight Warriors: The Deadliest Naval Battle of WWII and the Men Who Fought It (Broadway/Random House 2010) ISBN 978-0767932424
  • Mastery: A Mission Plan for Reclaiming a life of Purpose, Fitness, and Achievement (Dominus Press, (2015) ISBN 978-1516872688
  • Angels in the Sky: How a Band of Volunteer Airmen Saved the New State of Israel (WW Norton, 2017) ISBN 978-0-393-25477-8


Screen Credits

  • "Boom," Pensacola: Wings of Gold (CBS TV Series) 1998.
  • "Blue Angel," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, 1998.
  • "Rules of Engagement," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, 1999.
  • Technical consultant, Season 2, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, 1998-99.
  • " Chasing Reno Gold," air racing documentary as writer, host, consultant, 2012.

Garrison, Kevin  (DL)   Flying in Congested Airspace:  A Private Pilot's Guide  (Tab Practical Flying Series)  (1989)
Garrison, Kevin   Clear Left, I'll Have the Chicken (An Airline Captain Looks at Life) (2006)   http://www.kevincreates.com
Garrison, Kevin   The CEO of the Cockpit (2009)
Garrison, Kevin   So You're Dead -- A Novice's Guide to Non-Being  (2011) (an E-book)
Garrison, Kevin   Great Attitudes:  Instrument Flying Tips and Techniques  (2017)

Gravino, Nicholas  (NE)  A Pilot's Memoirs-From the Ground Up (2008)   
Gravino, Nicholas  The Adventures of Beppo The Italian Elf  (2010)

Gray, Steven R.  (DL) Rampant Raider: An A-4 Skyhawk Pilot in Vietnam (2007)

Hopkins, Kendall, et al. (WAL)  WE PUSHED THE LIMITS – Reflections of Five Old Fighter Pilots (2005)

Hurley, C. D. (NE) "REVERIE" A Kaleidoscope of the Prose and Poetry in My Life  (2004)
Hurley, C. D.  POT O' GOLD, Prose, Poetry and A Tale O'thu Sea  (2005)
Hurley, C. D.  Squirrels And Quasars & Stuff (2007)

Ippolito, William  (DL)  Leaving on a Jet Plane (2002)

Jones, Harrison  (DL)   Equal Time Point (2009)
Jones, Harrison  Shadow Flight  (2011)
         [Harrison Jones is the pen name of retired Delta Captain Bob Jones.]

Kerschner, Bill and Phyllis (DL) Plucky-Lucky Duck's Amazing Adventure,  [Vantage Press, 2007)

Knott, Ron  (DL)  Trophies of Heaven  (1995)
Knott, Ron  God's Guarantees for Giving (2002)
Knott, Ron  Testimonies For the Soul (2007)
Knott, Ron  Supersonic Cowboys (2009)
Knott, Ron  Jesus Christ - Who is He?  (2011)
Knott, Ron  "Born Again" the Bible Way  (2011) 

Koehn II, James J. and Werkema, Mark A.  (NW)  The Flight Before Christmas  (2003)

Lawson, Archie B.  (WAL)  View From the Cockpit:  Looking Up  (2004) 

Lenker, Karl  (DL)  Final Trumpet  (2008)

Lewis, Michael Byars  (DL)  Surly Bonds (2012)
Lewis, Michael Byars  Veil of Deception (2015)

Mauldin, Bill (PAA)  State Troopers of America (2006)  

McCullough Kathryn (NW)  Ups and Downs (2016)

McGinnis, Daryle D.  (DL)  Stewardess Stories (2006)
McGinnis, Daryle D.  The Skybrokers  (2007)
McGinnis, Daryle D.  A Waterfall in a War  (2007)
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Shreve, Anita -- The daughter of the late retired NE/DL Captain Richard H. Shreve, Anita passed away March 29, 2018 at 71.


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