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Friday, October 6, 2017

Mark's Remarks - HL 279 (2)

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Dear PCN (of over 2600 subscribers),

Calamity – Earthquakes, Hurricaines and of course human insanity! The past few weeks have been a Kaleidoscope  of….. tragedy!  Often times these major worldwide disasters remind us of how fragile life and limb are.  They also allow us time to think about how blessed we are when we escape such devastation.  We live life not fearing the worst, but striving for and hoping for the best. 

Please Take Another LookAt your financial account security, that is.  The Equifax breach is terrible but also symptomatic of a digital world that is not iron clad.  The bad guys got all the info they need to steal your identity and work on hacking into your accounts.  Company’s like LifeLock help to some degree but mostly in the opening of a NEW account or taking out a NEW loan in your name.  By in large they only monitor and don’t lockdown account hacking and funds transfer.  Therefore, there are some tips that can really shore up your financial accounts with such things as your 3rd level logins,  voice ID, verbal PINs, etc.  PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO READ THE FINANCE SECTION ON SOME STEPS THAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP INSURE YOUR NESTEGG’s SECURITY!!!!    

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Finance - HL 279 (3)

Helpful miscellaneous articles regarding our retirement plan and planning.  Like you, I review my retirement nestegg and plan from time to time.  Recently, I went though some continued education for some credentials I maintain and it occurred to me that we all could use a review about these issues.  So with your help, we will share and post articles and info that may be helpful and of interest to many of you in this section.

The following article and tips are both a Security and Financial issue: You’ve heard about this breech 

but it may be worse than 1st reported

Giant Equifax data breach: 143 million people could be affected

Sara Ashley O'Brien  @saraashleyo September 8, 2017: 4:53 AM ET
Equifax says a giant cybersecurity breach compromised the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans — almost half the country.
Cyber criminals have accessed sensitive information -- including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and the numbers of some driver's licenses.
Additionally, Equifax said that credit card numbers for about 209,000 U.S. customers were exposed, as was "personal identifying information" on roughly 182,000 U.S. customers involved in credit report disputes. Residents in the U.K. and Canada were also impacted.
The breach occurred between mid-May and July, Equifax said. The company said it discovered the hack on July 29.
The data breach is one of the worst ever, by its reach and by the kind of information exposed to the public.


Improve Your Protection – Mark’s Tips

Equifax breach (which got most of us) is just a current reminder of how this kind of data breach will go on over and over again and how we need to be viligiant about our financial account’s security.  Here is a few things I have found  out.
First, the bad guys got enough to open accounts or take out loans in your name and with a little extra skill break in to some of your accounts to transfer funds.  The first part of opening accounts or taking out loans is what account freezes helps with but I am also concerned with account hacks that allow transfer of funds.  A word about Lifelock.  It predominantly locks up the first part of the problem but as to the account hacks and transfer of funds you must take your own extra precautions.   Here is what you can do to improve security:
1.       Security Freezes :  because of the breech it may even be given to you for free.  But what I can tell you is that companies like LifeLock’s main means of protecting you is two fold. 
a.       Security Freezes – Which basically prevents someone getting a loan or starting a NEW account in your name.
b.      Their 2nd service includes ALERTS.  Which you can set up for free at every single financial account that you have. 
 So from my perspective I like security freezes (I have 3 at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) as they prevent loans and new accounts building debt and putting me on the tab for them.  But there are other steps that are quite simple to take and maybe even more important.  Lets leave the credit cards alone for a moment and talk about your main financial and retirement accounts login and hacking protections. 
2.       3rd level of login procedure.  Most financial institutions have a 3rd tier of login protection, in addition to the ole username and password, they will use a security question,  a customer ID #, or a new service call VIP Access by Symantec.  Big brokerage and banks are starting to use the VIP Access system.  It is easy to use.  You download an app for your phone and then the account is linked to the serial number of your app.  Every 60 seconds the app produces a new special one time use ID #.  When you login at Schwab or Fidelity or the like, the 3rd tier of protection is the VIP Access step before you have access.  Those institutions will then ask you for your VIP Access number now appearing on your phone.  Enter it and wallahh your in.  But the good news is that without that ID the bad guys CANNOT get in.  Pretty neat and really almost a must have in today’s world of constant scammers.  This really shores up your online login in security protection, but what about over the phone verbal protection.  Ask your financial custodians about a 3rd tier of login and hacking protection like VIP Access.  If they have it employ it……..if not insist on them getting it or move to a custodian that does have it. 
3.       Phone CALLIN account protection.   Two things here:
a.       Add a PIN or some call it a Verbal Password to your account for when you call in.  This prevents all those who may have all things necessary to call in and rob you blind but if they don’t know this PIN or VERBAL PASSWORD they can’t do a thing. 
b.      Sign up for Voice ID.  Both Fidelity and Schwab have this and it is fantastic.  You record your voice and the computer on their end recognizes as distinctly as fingerprints.  A bad guy cannot, even with a recording of your voice, fool their computer.  It provides you a very high level of scammer protection. 
4.       Now credit cards: 
a.       If the breech says your credit cards were included in the breech, call the card companies and ask for new card account numbers issued. 
b.      In addition, every credit card account allows for significant alerts to be established.  Do that and also even consider withdrawal restrictions. 
c.       Lastly, limit the number of cards and monitor the activity more often.  
There are certainly  risks having assets under someone else’s roof, and you cannot control all of them, but the most dreaded of hackers scheming into your account and draining you dry is a reality that we must all be vigilant against.  Take the above steps and you will go a long way to improving your security.    Happy, secure retirement!  Mark


Our DCCU Equifax Security Tips

Security Posts

Information on Equifax Cybersecurity Incident

Updated September 21, 2017
On Thursday, September 7, credit-reporting company Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting as many as 143 million people.
Delta Community and other Visa® card issuers receive regular updates when Visa is notified that some of their card numbers may have been exposed as merchants are required to disclose this under the Visa network rules. We use these alerts from Visa to monitor the affected cards more closely to help protect these accounts from fraud. If we learn additional data was compromised beyond the card number, such as the security code on the back of the card and/or the cardholder’s name and address, then we may take the extra, precautionary step of issuing our member a new card. In that instance, we would send the member a new card with instructions on how to activate it and why we felt it was necessary to change their card number.
For members who are concerned about the Equifax compromise, we encourage you to visit their website dedicated to this cybersecurity incident: www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. Through this website, consumers can find out if and how their personal information has been impacted. If you have been affected, you will be invited to enroll in complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services through an Equifax product.
The security of our members’ data remains a top priority for Delta Community. In addition to working with Visa® Fraud Prevention Services to proactively monitor credit and debit card activity, we offer Identity Theft protection products that guard against criminal, medical and financial fraud. These Identity Theft and fraud monitoring services are completely independent from the program that Equifax is offering to affected customers.
If you are impacted, you may also consider placing a freeze on your credit with all of the following credit reporting agencies. Freezing your credit will prevent those with your personal information from opening accounts in your name. Keep in mind, however, that a security freeze can also delay or interfere with the timely approval of any subsequent requests or applications for new credit, loans or services. You will need to remove or temporarily lift the security freeze before applying for new credit, and this may take a few days and come with a small cost. Learn more about credit freezes from the Federal Trade Commission.
Please be on high alert for impersonators or phishing attempts by fraudsters. Be on the lookout for emails that appear to be from these companies, telling you that you’ve been impacted, or otherwise creating a sense of urgency, and to “click here” for more information. When in doubt, do not click the link and do not download any attachments. Any legitimate company will have another way for you to contact them to be sure the email is safe.
We always encourage members to review their account transaction details regularly and notify us if they see any suspicious activity. You can call us at any time via our toll-free number at 800-544-3328 or locally at 404-715-4725.
Posted: September 08, 2017 by Delta Community

(As with any of these informative articles, anyone who needs someone to talk to about

this very subject contact me and I can direct you to a knowledgeable advisor).

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Pension - HL 279 (1)

 RE: Delta changed from a fully funded pension check to an ACH check which goes through the Federal Reserve

Date: 10/3/2017 9:49:47 AM
Subject: Fwd: deposit of Delta Pension Checks (in any bank)

 Here is something I just found out. Please send to all retirees you know.
Mary please send to all Presidents.
Sue, I would think this should go on our website and in Nov Newsletter.
Thx Paul  

I'm don't know if any of you got the first message from Joyce or the answer from Sue. I think you all should be aware that the deposit date of you pension check (in any bank) has changed if the 1st of the month falls on a weekend. the deposit date will be the following Monday (or Tuesday if Monday) is a holiday.  If you have any auto payments coming out of your account you should set  those payments the 4th of the month or later.
On Sunday, October 1, 2017 4:37 PM, Joyce wrote:

Our pension check is not in our accounts!!!!!!  I called the Delta Credit Union - they had a policy change they did not tell us about.  They are now holding funds when the 1st falls over a weekend or holiday until the next business day.  Which means our pensions won’t be in our account until October 2nd this month!  
I got this response from Sue:

Ok - I just talked to Julie B. who verified that Delta changed from a fully funded pension check to an ACH check which goes through the Federal Reserve - which is only processed Mo-Fr.  DCCU can only deposit the money when they get it which is the first business day (non-holiday) after the check is issued.  No matter where you bank - it would be the same result!!!  Hope that helps!

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Good Read - HL 279 (1)

Date: 9/20/2017 10:40:28 PM
Subject: The Rare Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Returns to the Skies Once More : AirlineReporter

Dave Roberts sent me this. Capt. Dave Mattingly is famous for being the 5th oldest new hire in the F/E Class of August 15, 1969 and being assigned to ATL CV-880.

Travis Foster
49th oldest new hire in the F/E Class of August 15, 1969 and assigned to MSY DC-8

From: robertsDL@mindspring.com
To: robertsDL@mindspring.com
Sent: 9/20/2017 3:07:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Fwd: The Rare Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Returns to the Skies Once More : AirlineReporter
Retired Delta Captain Dave Mattingly writes:

From: Dave Mattingly <davem@touchourplanet.org>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 09:19:49 -0400
Subject: Fwd: The Rare Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Returns to the Skies Once More : AirlineReporter
To: Roberts Dave <robertsDL@mindspring.com>

Dave, we moved this recently--really neat to be in the seat again--seems like the years just melted away. We are all so lucky to have had the career we had.


Dave Mattingly


The Rare Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Returns to the Skies Once More

By JL Johnson
16 Jul2017

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar does a fly-by of Kansas City International Airport. – Photo: JL Johnson. Not for use elsewhere.

The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar was a plane with a tragically short lifespan. It was expected to be a real contender against the Boeing 747, Douglas DC-10, and Airbus A300. It entered the market late, in large part due to delays resulting from difficulty at Rolls-Royce, the only engine producer for the TriStar. Despite this, it is one of just a few airliners that elicits strong emotion from people of all ages and walks of life. It was received with much fanfare.

In business, however, fanfare does not necessarily equate to economic viability. In roughly two decades, just 250 units were produced – including an incredible number of custom variants. Few operators held onto their L-1011s for long before passing them along to others or sending them to storage. By most accounts, the TriStar was a failure. During development of the only TriStar engine option, the RB211, Rolls-Royce was deemed what modern day observers would call “too big to fail.” It was nationalized to avoid catastrophic economic impact to the United Kingdom and to keep the costly program afloat. Following the cancellation of the series, Lockheed fully withdrew from the commercial airliner market to focus on military and other industries.

But struggles in development, lackluster sales, and frequent turnover did not get in the way of the passion shared by those who had in some way experienced the TriStar. It was and is one of the most beloved planes in AvGeek culture. The TriStar was an underdog. People love an underdog story, and that is just what this is.

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar registered N910TE lands in KC, MO. – Photo: JJL Johnson. Not for distribution elsewhere.

TriStar Experience- The organization behind the L-1011’s restoration

The people behind TriStar Experience, an all-volunteer organization, have worked tirelessly for years to source and restore unique and special aircraft for the purposes of inspiring the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workers. This L-1011 joins already completed projects such as the MD-83 N948TW, also known as Wings of Pride. Readers may recall that AirlineReporter was granted exclusive aviation media access of the arrival of TWA’s Wings of Pride in 2015.

The organization, a 501(c)3 non-profit, uses flyable jet aircraft for educational and experiential programs to inspire students into STEM fields of study. It seeks to support and cultivate those with interest to pursue aviation and aerospace related careers. Regardless of coursework or career, TriStar’s ultimate success is helping kids explore and achieve more than they thought possible. TriStar also supports other charitable groups with its operational jet aircraft.

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar N910TE parked at Kansas City International Airport Gate 14 – Photo: JL Johnson

About this particular L-1011

I think we all can agree that L-1011s are special. But N910TE, built in 1974, is in a class of its own for a number of reasons. First, it was one of just two L-1011s which were specially configured for delivery customer Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) with a forward lounge in an area which would have typically been for cargo. Secondly, after serving with a number of carriers, this plane was acquired by a non-profit which converted it into a flying hospital. The majority of the plane has been thoughtfully retrofitted to medical treatment and surgical areas. The plane served on missions all around the world, bringing efficient and much-needed care to those in need.

The plane was stored at Tucson International Airport in 2001 where it remained until TriStar Experience acquired it. Restoration and maintenance work began in January of 2016 and continued through July 15, 2017, the day of its second ferry flight attempt.

Scale and medical device storage. – Photo: JL Johnson

Gurneys and other medical equipment line the walls. – Photo: JL Johnson

The extreme rear of the plane is a sealed surgical center. – Photo: JL Johnson

The flight crew poses with members of TriStar Experience. – Photo: JLL Johnson

Regarding the L-1011’s flight crew:

“Who in the world would still be qualified to fly this?” It was a common question on social media on the day of the arrival, for sure. I had an opportunity to ask Mike Saxton, TriStar Experience Co-Founder this very question. To my amazement, he pulled a notebook out of his satchel, flipped a few pages, and showed me.

The crew of the ferry flight was as follows:

Mark Kenny- Pilot in command. Current full-time 747 captain for Orbital ATK.
Howard “Dusty” Spain- Co-captain. Former L-1011 Captain for TWA
Dave Mattingly- Co-captain. Former L-1011 Captain for Delta Air Lines.
Mark Messler- Flight engineer. Current engineer at Orbital ATK.
Martin Pike- Airborne flight mechanic.
Lin Weeks- Onboard safety.

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Flight Engineer station. – Photo: JL Johnson

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Flight deck. – Photo: JL Johnson

The L-1011’s future


For the next few days, the L-1011 will remain at Kansas City International Airport’s shuttered A terminal, gate 14. KCI [as the locals refer to MCI] terminal A was closed a number of years ago and is not open to the public. Soon the plane will be towed to the maintenance, repair, overhaul area of KCI which was initially occupied by TWA. TriStar Experience is anxious to begin using the plane in its STEM programs in cooperation with local schools and non-profits, just as it does with TWA Wings of Pride at the downtown KC airport.

To learn more about TriStar Experience, its mission, and to consider donating to the organization, visit tristarexperience.org.

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Human Interest - HL 279 (1)

Female Spitfire Pilot…Mary Ellis:
From: captken66@gmail.com
Sent: 9/21/2017 2:18:23 AM Central Standard Time
Subject: Female Spitfire pilot

What a gal!!!!

Female Spitfire pilot
  • Mary Ellis was in a select gang of female pilots who flew during World War II
  • She has now celebrated her 100th birthday by flying a plane over West Sussex
  • Mrs Ellis flew next to one of the Spitfires she was in more than 70 years ago
By Sarah Oliver For The Mail On Sunday 5 February 2017 

Mary Ellis (pictured during her time as an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot in WW2) has celebrated
her 100th birthday.

Tearing through the skies above the South Coast, two Spitfires evoke powerful memories
of Britain's wartime resilience.
But this stirring image holds a further poignancy – for in the cockpit of the lead aircraft
sits Mary Ellis, celebrating her 100th birthday by recreating her time as one of the ‘Ata-girls',
the select gang of female pilots who flew Britain's fighters during the war
And over her shoulder is one of the actual Spitfires she flew during her 1,000 flights as a
First Officer with the Air Transport Auxiliary.

'Wizard, this is wizard!' yelled the delighted centenarian through her intercom.
Mary was handed the controls of the 275mph twin-seater as it swooped over West Sussex.
After about 15 minutes, she turned for home, and told her co-pilot Matt Jones: ‘Goodwood
on the nose, you have control …’ Then she settled back to enjoy the ride back to base.
Earlier, Mary watched in delight as Spitfire MV154 took its place beside her in an
extraordinary airborne tribute. It was a plane she had delivered to RAF Brize Norton from
Southampton on September 15, 1944, and it hides a sentimental secret. For at the end of
the 25-minute wartime flight, she signed the cockpit, scrawling her maiden name Wilkins
and the initials ATA.

Mary Ellis (circled) was handed the controls of the 275mph twin-seater as it swooped over
West Sussex
She hoped her tag might be spotted by a handsome pilot and lead to a wartime romance –
although the impulsive act, a career one-off, didn't bag her a boyfriend.
Mary, originally from Oxfordshire, had her first flying lesson in 1938, and flew for pleasure
until 1941 when she heard a BBC radio appeal for women pilots to join the auxiliary service
and so release male pilots for combat duty.
Speaking at a surprise birthday party on Thursday, Mary said: ‘The war was a challenge and
one had to do something about it. I went on and on until I flew everything. I love the Spitfire –
it’s my favourite aircraft, it's everyone's favourite, it's the symbol of freedom.'
For four years she ferried warplanes from factories to frontline squadrons. The 166 women
of the ATA – about one in eight of the total – have been dubbed ‘The Female Few,’ echoing
Winston Churchill's description of the RAF airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain.

Mrs Ellis looked back over her left shoulder and glanced at the aircraft she once flew. 
Mary was usually found at the joystick of a Spitfire or a Hurricane but ultimately flew more than
50 types of aircraft, logging 1,100 hours of flight, much to the astonishment of some colleagues.
As she sat on the airfield ready to deliver her first Spitfire, the mechanic standing on the wing
asked how many of them she'd flown. When she said it was her first, he was so startled he fell
right off. The largest aircraft she flew solo was the Wellington bomber. After landing at an East
Anglian airfield, Mary was greeted by the ground crew who asked where the pilot was. ‘I'm the
pilot,' she said. They insisted on searching the aircraft before they believed her.
It was dangerous work. Mary was sometimes ordered to move combat-damaged planes that
were not officially fit to fly, but had to be taken for repairs. She crash-landed twice and was
shot at once.

Mrs Ellis toasted a glass of champagne with co-pilot Matt Jones, managing director of Boultbee Flight Academy Fourteen of her fellow ATA female flyers lost their lives, including aviation pioneer Amy Johnson
Mary – who to this day needs no spectacles, nor a walking stick – was one of the last six women serving in the ATA when it disbanded after the war. She remained a private pilot and then became managing director of Sandown Airport on the Isle of Wight. She married Don Ellis, a fellow pilot, in 1961, but was widowed in 2009. Matt Jones, who flies Spitfires for Goodwood-based Boultbee Flight Academy, reunited Mary with MV154 after first meeting her in 2015. He conspired with the plane’s current owner, pilot Maxi Gainza, to bring it to the UK from its base in Bremgarten, Germany.
He said: 'I gave Mary control of our Spitfire. I wasn’t sure where we were but Mary was very clear. She pointed us towards Thorney Island, up through the Witterings, flew on to Selsey Bill and then Bognor Regis, never losing a foot of altitude. ‘She showed me precisely how she was able to deliver all those aircraft with just a map, a compass and a stopwatch. I was utterly humbled by a superior aviator who also happens to be 60 years my senior!'

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